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Global Financial Markets Trading

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Course Overview

This comprehensive trading program is an invaluable resource for trading the global financial markets. The course covers several important trading aspects that can assist traders in analyzing markets and managing risks. Every participant in the course will learn to draw up a personalized trading plan and set targets in order to achieve their trading objectives, under direct guidance from the mentor.

Course Description

Course Outline:

-Introduction to the Forex & CFD Market.

-Forex terminologies explained.

-MT4 trading platform usability.

- Market Structures & Trend Analysis: How to interpret them

- How to read and interpret Time Frames

- Live trade execution, examples & application on MT4 trading platform

- Retracement Analysis with live examples

- Introduction to Fundamental & Technical analysis

- Pitfalls of Fundamental & Technical Analysis

- Introduction to Candlesticks and Price Action

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